by Trummer



released June 18, 2005

the music
trummer: vocals, ac & el guitars
maze künzler: guitars, vocals
robert aeberhard: bass
christof jaussi: drums, percussion, vocals
hendrix ackle: piano, rhodes, organ, wurlitzer

shirley grimes: vocals on “all this time”
andreas kühnrich: cello on “all this time” & “baby are you hiding?”
sabrina: vocals
the trummettes on “let go”: shirley & sabrina
klatsch on “let go”: tomazobi
blue notes on "if this is love": rolf widmer

written by trummer
the sound
produced, engineered and mastered by peter von siebenthal
co-produced by trummer

additional little keyboards, programming: trummer and pvs

the look
reto camenisch (photos), peter gärtl (artwork)


thank you for time, instruments, facilities, help, support and friendship: mischka wettstein, max lässer, benoit piccand, marco basci, jegi, markus willmanns, simone aplanalp, stefan müller & chrigu huber, live sound, ray wilko, sam mumenthaler, häni, lauper drums, fabrice @ giant (digidesign), andy michel @ flyline, jacob suske, reto burrell, adi weyermann, tom etter, björn "soundman" müller, eric facon, sarbach (great cake!), lomotion: david fonjallaz & louis mataré, nick werren, reto grossen, adi stern, karin aeberhard & immotion, miche klaus for the backdrop; radio: stef, mättu, dänu, röfe; mild in taste, the tomazobis, daniel alexander (yes!), wolf zwiauer; sylvie, rolf, rené & thomas @ sound service; mik gurtner, michael sahli, all the radios that dared featuring this, especially liembd & marcel @ radio 3fach, our supporters at drs3-"swisstop"; werner & tojo reitschule bern, ursula zimmermann & breitsch-round-team, osz rittermatte, aravindo wingeier, still & always: mättu hofer, zigzag records thun, chop records bern; john kerry for trying; pädu annliker, lieni, all the good people who let us play their stages; messerli kaufdorf; eveline; chrigu & bodil; this & cornelia plus the trummer- & widmer-families for being exactly that, fati, !henry!, rolver, rolf & carmen; everyone that helped on the "anything"-video and the rest of the wonderful bern-posse from jurastrasse to fbb… good to be here. to robert maurer, who would've played a wonderful accordeon on a live-acoustic-track, unfortunately he wasn't alone…
anyway, somebody's always forgotten. i apologize.

the greatest gratitude: sibi for your ears, patience & advice; stöffu, maze, röbi, this is ours now, here's to another year on the road in that blark due totoya rocolla; hendrix, sabrina, shirley, ändu for making it shine; to reto and pesche: it smelled bad, but it looks good!, chrigu hänggi for your energy & time & friendship.

thank you for going to gigs, thank you for buying records, go on doing so.
no sad dedications this year


all rights reserved



Trummer Berne, Switzerland

"Es ist nicht übertrieben zu behaupten, Trummer gehöre zu den ganz wenigen Schweizer Künstlern, die Songs auf einem derart hohen Niveau nicht bloss schreiben und komponieren, sondern auch vortragen können."
Pedro Lenz.
"Trummers Songs berühren, weil sie weder belehren noch beeindrucken wollen, sondern es bei der schlichten Frage belassen: Kennt ihr das auch?“
Laudatio SUISA Stiftungspreis 2011
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Track Name: Focus
01. focus

the powerlines are black against the glowing streetlight fog
and the rooftops disappear in misty blur
i’m standing on the corner with all my senses open,
could be nowhere else right now but in this world
fingerprints on wineglasses and ashtrays full of talk
about what’s waiting still and what’s probably through
about chances, consequences, the line we try to walk
and we have loads of words but we don’t have a clue
i ain’t looking for solutions in my head or in my heart
i ain’t looking for redemption or a bandage for my scars
life in focus is all i want

i’ve had a dozen good beliefs that i was praying for in vain
still the verses in my song depend on rhymes
i’ve had a hundred good ideals that my life put on the stake
and nothing worse to do but give another try
and i know i might be stupid to keep waiting for that train
but i ain’t standing at the station with closed eyes
and every other minute life keeps enterring the frame
and turns away or picks me up or just goes by
but i ain’t…
Track Name: Be mine
03. be mine

there were times i thought i’d had it, on the rooftop once again
with the endless sky above me and the end of time beneath
then i smoked and thought it over, the senselessness of things
and nothing’s just as empty, so i climbed back down again
so be mine, if you want it
be mine all the way
be mine, honey
be mine, if you dare
to be mine
it’s a question of measures when you’re justifying hope
so you and me together will kiss with both eyes closed
all the broken hearted angels on the rooftops once again
like you and me together, will go on all the same
so be mine&
every night of love and hope’s another bloodstain on our blankets
may the found and lost be worth the cost
may something begin to matter
so be mine
Track Name: Let go
02. let go

so you quit another chapter and you turn another page
leave behind another lover that didn’t matter anyway
from coffeehouse to coffeehouse the papers have been read
from bar to bar and friend to friend the nightly stories have been shared
you know a bunch of local winners and they all know your name
you admit that you’re a sinner, they mistake you for a saint
you still don’t really smoke much so you don’t intend to stop
you know the good girls and their boyfriends and you’re good at messing up

needs to be done
here’s to moving on!
so let go and go
you better let go and go
it’s time to let go and go
let go and go
before it’s gone

keep writing songs for long lost love while your new ideals rise
full of sad appreciation for the lines around your eyes
old friends turn back to jesus or another holy name
and you’re stuck in the job you accepted for a change
your plans and your dreams got messed up a bit
so suddenly you find yourself stuck in the safety net
take some time off society’s slavery
cuz you owe nothing to pride, but everything to dignity
needs to be done
here’s to moving on!

so let go and go…
needs to be done
hre’s to moving on!
i’s time to let go
in the mirror i see
just a shadow of me
so let go and go…
Track Name: One night
04. one night

in this room again, in this mood again
i know this pillow, i know the scent
smells like clothes on the floor, soaked by the rain
a cup of tea steaming beside the bed
at the break of dawn you lie there asleep
and me awake, just to watch you breathe
one night with you
one night with you and then die
one night with you

me out on the porch, morning sky is grey
people walking by just like everyday
and then back inside and then back to bed
you’re gonna have to go as soon as you’re awake
i’ve been thinking `bout the way things used to be
somebody show me how to stretch minutes into years
with you
one night with you and then die
one night with you

and i’m not gonna hold you back
i’ve said all the things that had to be said
so if you’ll ever understand
you know where i am
Track Name: The Key
05. the key

careful, sister,
had to learn to hurt you
and changes keep on coming, so i will
looks like we are captives alone in thin skin
so, careful
i can touch you still
’cause i hold a key to your life
And you all hold a key to mine
And it’s getting heavy now

careful, brother
i did not mean to offend you
it’s just the way that i was born
please don’t blame me
i will shut my mouth
we’ve all been talking loud too long
now i hold a key to your life

oh so helpless to the misty ways of life
oh so helpless and guilty the same time
cuz i hold a key to your life
Track Name: Baby are you hiding?
06. baby are you hiding

baby, are you hiding
somewhere from the storm?
i saw it when i woke up: clouds were rolling in
last week smelled like springtime
now it’s buried in snow
baby, are you hiding somewhere from the cold?

baby, are you hiding somewhere where it’s warm?
somewhere on an island or in a dark corner at home?
yeah, i used to know
now i know nothing anymore
baby, are you hiding somewhere from my love?

there were sunrays on the water
there were daffodils on the lawn
there were words i ain’t repeating
you remember them, i’m sure
your kiss tasted like springtime
now i’m buried in snow
baby, are you hiding?
i still hope you’re hiding
baby, are you hiding
somewhere from the cold?
Track Name: Sit it out
07. sit it out

i’ll sit it out, babe
i’ve got my cohen-records
i’ve got cigarettes
i’ve got a bottle of red wine and a glass
i’ll sit it out
i’ll sit it out, babe
i’ve got long nights
i’ve got blue chords
i’ve got a pen and paper and a lot of words
i’ll sit it out
and i know i’ll be fine, ´cause i’ve been there before
i’ll feel better day after day
and i won’t see your face in the dark anymore
you’ll be forgotten, without a trace

i’ll sit it out, babe
i’ve got jobs coming
i’ve got friends to meet
and tomorrow i will change the sheets
i’ll sit it out
yes, i’ll sit it out, babe
not a boy anymore
and i’m not keeping letters
the next things, i’m told, they always get better
so i’ll sit it out
and i know i’ll be fine…

these walls are not gonna fall
these walls are not gonna fall
i’ve got all my senses focussed
and these walls are not gonna fall
if you don’t call
these walls are not gonna fall
and i know i’ll be fine…
Track Name: Who needs a goal?
08. who needs a goal

there’s a blanket on the horizon
for at least a month the sky’s been grey
and nothing helps, not even coffee,
i just can’t seem to feel awake
if i’m still young, then how does old feel?
bugs in my brain, warts in my face
seventy years, running ’round down here
and then you’re gone without a trace
what do i care? the world is turning
and i’m still here and i will stay
i don’t ask why, but i keep learning
without a goal, but that’s okay
who needs a goal anyway?

no matter if i join competitions
i win or lose, i’m wrong or right
and i’m getting tired of these decisions
cuz life’s a break between nothing and i don’t mind
what do i care…

I have a friend, he stopped believing
said he was through with useless rhymes
he climbed back down the stairway to heaven
got a better job and bought himself paradise
there’s a blanket on the horizon
i’ve been staring at the gray too long and now i’m blue
but somewhere higher, the sun is shining
now that ain’t being optimistic, i just say what’s true
what do i care…
Track Name: If this is love
09. if this is love

so the story begins, here we are now,
two walking collections of memories
and we’re packed in thin skin, we’re hopeful and scarred
trying not to lose our dignity
oh, you’re waiting for a sign, i can see it in your eyes
there’s a million wrong things to say,
but there’s just one thing on my mind

if this is love
let’s build a fence around it
cuz baby love

so the story goes on, here we are now
two walking collections of doubts and dreams
we’re sleeping on roses, then we’re fighting through thorns
wondering if it’s all there is for you and me
you can try to share it all, you’ll always be alone
i’m afraid that’s just the way that we were born
and i can’t change it, but i know

if this is love
let’s build a fence around it
cuz baby love
is a fragile flower
is a precious flower
baby my love…
Track Name: So long
10. so long

autumn fire in the leaves
you were standing there in front of me
shivering in your shirt
you said: ‘now go, before it starts to hurt’
and i tried to play it cool
what else could i do
but say: ‘here’s looking at youx
you smiled sadly and called me a fool

so you want me to stay
that’s easy to say
´cause i want you to come
sounds just as easy, i know
so so long, baby
so long

car turned around the bend
i was late to raise my hand
and wave goodbye
you made me promise that it wasn’t gonna be the last time
four fillings of gas
one more pack of cigarettes later
i was home
that’s what they call the place where you sleep alone…
so you want me to stay…

so long
is it gonna be so long?
i’ve already waited so long
afraid it’s time to say so long
so long
so you want me to stay…
i wish it wasn’t so long
but it’s so long, bye bye
Track Name: All this time
11. all this time

Fall from myself
Out of my line
Out of the tracks that kept me straight
Wish i could say
A couple of rhymes
On the buzz in my heart that keeps me awake
To laugh at myself
ain’t gonna help
afraid i’m gonna have to lie to you
‘thank you i’m fine
had a good time
don’t worry, there’s a shell no one gets through’

and all this time
i know that the wheels turn
all this time
i know that the clock runs out my life
i can feel the fuse burn on both sides
all this time

I turn off the lights
I walk off the stage
You hug and me and say ‘thank you for tonightx
So i’ll keep the smile
And you’ll keep the faith
That life is a playground with free rides
I’m stuck in a haze
While you’re closing the case
Time to move on and no conclusions made
‘you don’t have to cry’you say
‘it’s not like goodbye’you say
‘i was just passing through anyway’

but all this time…
…i can feel the fuse burn on both sides
for all this time’s chasing
the dreams wasted
on love’s tasteful promise in your eyes, baby
´cause who’s saying
that we’ll always get a another chance to try
in all this time
i got far too used to goodbyes
all this time
all this time
all my life
i can feel the fuse burn on both sides
i can feel the wheels turn all this time
i can hear the clock run out my life
all this time
Track Name: Sleep Baby Sleep
12. sleep baby sleep

sleep baby sleep
i’m sitting beside you
sleep baby sleep
i’ll be waiting right here
drift away from the choices
drift away from your doubts
don’t listen to the voices that echo inside
they all left for wherever
they don’t deserve you at all
they only touched your skin
and they did not see your heart
that’s how stupid they are

so weep baby weep
i know how it hurts you
cuz me, baby, me
i’ve had my share too
i was hit by your choices
i was hit by your doubts
and it’s not just your voice that echoes inside
so cry out you eyes for the fools
who did not seem to care
and when you wake up in the morning
i will be there
that’s how stupid i am
sleep baby sleep
sleep baby sleep

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